Before you go off for a break, or take a holiday you want to ensure your systems are in the best shape. So here is a checklist that will help you to focus on the key areas:

  • Check all disk space and have a good tidy up e.g. clean out any accumulated files, archive old logs (or zip ‘em up), delete old backups. There is no excuse for running out of Disk Space (unless they have already been identified as risk).
  • Check system log files to confirm there are no errors that could become incidents while you are away.
  • Clear up all Temp files and install files
  • Check all scheduled tasks are relevant
  • Check AV definitions are up to date
  • Check all monitoring jobs. Ensure they are required and if appropriate that the on-call engineer can act upon them
  • Make sure the required information is available in the knowledgebase for the on-call engineer.
  • Ensure there are no outstanding incidents to be resolved.
  • Make sure any scheduled changes are not pushed out to your return.
  • All problem tickets should have details of the work around and review dates set for your return.
  • Review the backup for each server to ensure you have clean backup report during the break
Published: August 27, 2015 by Martin Sharp