• Not making good on your promises?
  • Unsure where to start?
  • No consensus across parties?
  • Mid-term strategy and short-term tactical plans missing?

The business benefits of sharing operational services are well known and documented. Information Technology services are a good example. Few organisations have the appropriate experience to deliver large scale technology changes, often repeating the same errors that other organisations performed previously. This wastes both time and money. Imperators strongly believe in learning from the experience of others and with our proven methods to de-risk and accelerate your activities, you will achieve rapid benefits realisation.

Combining our skills in the IS aspects of M&A activity with our proven capabilities in future state scenario analysis, options evaluation and supplier management, you won’t repeat the errors of the past.

Case Study 1 – IT Mergers. Shouldering the Burden.

Sometimes, clients make huge strides forward before seeing the fatal flaw in their plan. Having decided to amalgamate, agreed a technology roadmap, obtained business buy-in and necessary funding, they realise a lack of in-house experience and skill may scupper delivery of their ambitious plan. This is exactly where our clients, an independent merchant banking group, found themselves and brought us in to help.

We worked closely with the clients’ programme team, providing the expertise and breadth of knowledge to get the programme mobilised and over the first delivery hurdles. Using effective strategy, technical and operational architecture, our senior leadership ensured the IT infrastructure transformation, contributing to the centralisation of the group IT stayed on course. What’s more, because of our support, the programme team was left better equipped to carry the programme forward and deliver greater savings across the business unit consolidations.

Case Study 2 – Shared IT Services. Reduced costs.

Certain global transformation programmes are extremely complex. Our client approached us to support them in delivering a corporate vision that saw an amalgamation of their IT as a global private cloud service, some 10 years into the future. During the intervening period, before all parts of the business benefitted from the new services, the client needed to operate as an autonomous entity.

We came on board and supported the client’s internal team, business partners, and provided contract resource. In turn, this assistance bolstered strategy, planning, technical and operational architecture and brought in senior technical leadership for the service transformation. Effective migration and consolidation of the IT infrastructure contributed to a 100% growth in new business for our client, and delivered greater savings through consolidations across their business units.