• Critical elements of your transformation clear?
  • IT change costs greater than your business change?
  • Existing model no longer fits your new services?
  • IT change not embedded inside the business plan?
  • Measurable success visible?
  • IT investment directly linked to the business outcome?
  • Repeating the errors of your peers and competitors?

With our proven skills in Business Integration and Transformation, we can help you avoid the pitfalls of integration, minimise the change impact and optimise your efforts.

Repeatedly, we see mature businesses go through the same cycle of discovery, error and realisation as they move through their change journey.


At Imperators, we bring to bear our core principles to help you and your team move rapidly through the “Shock and Denial” phase, straight into ”Buy-in” and “Action”. By leveraging our support, you can accelerate your change journey and avoid repeating the errors of your peers and competitors. More importantly, you become change leaders.

How do you drive real benefits from integration or through mergers, acquisitions or divestments? Through a defined approach delivered through effective risk mitigation and cost benefit methodology. At Imperators, we know from direct experience that failure to do this well results in spiralling service costs, poor end-to-end integration and expensive, duplicated functions. Our proven suite of Business Integration and Transformation services will support you in maximising the benefits of wholesale technology and business change.

We know how to define and deliver business change through leading edge technology adoption. We get straight to the heart of the requirement and shape your delivery to realise the most benefit. We apply our proven tools and methodologies, clearly defining the change, linking it transparently to business objectives, and managing its delivery in a measurable and clearly communicated way.

Underestimating the business impact of IT change often results in poor adoption or failure. At Imperators, our strong ethos of IT Leadership brings our experience directly to the heart of your initiative. As our name implies, we will lead you on the path of successful change and help you to realise your business benefit at pace and in a risk averse manner.