• Project over budget or over time?
  • Focus drifting or delivery slipping?
  • Project stakeholders complaining?
  • Operational workload constraints or recurring problems?
  • Project governance unclear?
  • Internal expertise lacking?

Our recognised capabilities in Programme and Project Recovery can help you get back on track. With a tried and tested recovery methodology, we can direct your investment to yield the business outcome you desire.

It’s an unpleasant fact that projects can run off track. At Imperators, we know that your priority is to rectify problems as soon as possible. Our Programme and Project Recovery services offer you a proven methodology that will realign your delivery path. Whether your programme has become divorced from your strategy and vision, your benefits realisation path has lost clarity, or your project outcomes are blurred, we can help you untangle and move forward.

Built over years of sometimes bitter experience, we have developed a methodology that enables us to rapidly evaluate failing projects and programmes. We re-define their intended objectives, identify constraining issues, and construct rapid, focussed remediation plans. Fully integrated with our data modelling and traceability solutions, they not only re-double your efforts, but also add a layer of clarity to your initiative and link it back to your business outcome. Focussing on the core elements of scope, plan, budget, objective and benefit, we rapidly understand the challenges you face and collaborate with you in agreeing the way forward. Our name “Imperators” speaks for itself; we offer strong direction and bring a renewed focus, helping you achieve your desired outcome.

In a recovery scenario, getting matters on an even keel requires hard decisions. However difficult, our independence, and years of working across a broad range of public and private industry sectors, allows us to view issues objectively and to direct your decision-making. The result? Prioritisation and remediation approaches with focussed and measurable outcomes.