• Can’t link investment with business benefit?
  • Missing traceability to business goals and objectives?
  • Struggling to gain business support?
  • Benefit path unclear?
  • Can’t mobilise due to overburdened teams?
  • Finding interdependencies and structure challenging to communicate?
  • Drowning in valuable but unstructured data?

With our proven expertise in Project and Programme Delivery, we can help resolve your issues, get your initiative moving and help you gain business support and funding.

Multiple dependencies can influence the effective delivery of your project or programme. At Imperators, we know from experience that reducing the potential for negative interference is vital in managing successful programmes. Our suite of Project and Programme Delivery services reflects our leadership expertise that will help you achieve the outcomes you seek. We have all the bases covered; from business linked strategies, to ensuring technology solutions deliver business benefits, to justifying capital investment, to demonstrating operational benefit, and guaranteeing your stakeholders share your vision.

We can help to define and mobilise your initiative within the controlled boundaries of industry standard project and programme methodologies. Our structured project approach enables your business to link its vision and goals through to the detail of the delivery of capabilities. With all the dependencies clearly outlined Imperators can help you to get the most from your change initiatives whilst remaining firmly aligned to your business strategy. What’s more, our approach offers traceability. So, whatever the scope of your change, it can be evaluated in the context of the downstream business effect and not just the IT change impact.

Our structured data modelling approach is a pragmatic method to structure and deliver change. We apply this method through small to large change initiatives, mergers, acquisitions, divestments and enterprise level IT programmes. Offering a business view of the technology change at all point of the lifecycle, this method supports changes along the timeline no matter how large or small. Our approach also fully integrates risk, issue, dependency and budgetary management enabling traceability from the lowest component level up to the total cost of change. Paired with our integrated objective measurement this offers a powerful and dynamic set of management information as your change moves from inception to implementation.

We also adopt multiple resourcing models that allow your initiative to maximise the skills and knowledge you have at hand while optimising external resource and associated cost. We regularly define, lead and successfully deliver organisational change. More importantly, we do this by enabling both our partners and clients to derive the maximum benefit out of technology transition and transformation by offering improved business capabilities and cost benefit. Our experience in leading out-sourcing, in-sourcing or right-sourcing for both delivery and service provision, while remaining independent agents for our clients, allows us to deliver the best outcome at the right cost.