• Are the right people on board ensuring you can deliver your project, programme, architecture, and technical governance and assurance?
  • Are you managing the pipeline of work? Do you understand the impacts each piece of work brings to bear on the business and to each other?
  • Do you have the right tools and knowledge management in place to help achieve a successful outcome?

No? Then a Solution Development Lifecycle could help you.

Change is disruptive, beneficial and necessary. Translating an idea into a solution is an important and costly affair and something that requires careful execution if costs are to realise the benefits originally envisaged.

At Imperators, we understand change. What’s more, we know how to make you better at delivering it. We do this through the use a blend of industry standard frameworks and our tried and tested methods. This includes linking your business strategy benefits the information technology plans necessary to their delivery.

By developing and working with a Solution Development Lifecycle you can help improve the chances of success through a number steps such as:

  • Gated processes – has the project achieved what it set out to by this point?
  • Are there any concerns, issues or decision points?
  • Artefacts/Products – do these exist and are they understandable? For example:
  • Vision, goals, drivers & objectives,
  • Requirements
  • High level design
  • Detailed level design
  • Test strategy & scenarios
  • Implementation, Configuration and build
  • Operations processes